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Empowering cancer patients to heal themselves




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Brand repositioning
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Empowering cancer patients to heal themselves


The news of cancer often spells the end, both for patients and their caretakers. At this crossroads, cancer care platform CARER wanted to launch their integrative therapy-based program to offer hope for healing beyond treatment. Their new website had to reflect this new position while building trust, emphasizing a scientific approach, and empowering patients to heal themselves.


The team built a reassuring website experience that put the healing back in the hands of patients. Here’s how we did it:

  • Transition from their old, illustrated imagery to that of real people on the road to recovery
  • Focus on CARER’s Integrative Therapy modules of Nutrition, Movement and Mental Wellbeing to pair with treatment
  • Highlight positive outcomes that their team of experts achieved
  • Make Founder and CEO, Samara Mahindra the voice of CARER
  • Build minimal UI/UX that offers respite alongside all the necessary information needed to make a decision
  • Create conversations around cancer therapy through a sharp, promise-driven social media campaign

The website set the tone for CARER’s communication across platforms. The social campaign produced a strong turnaround: 3.9X increased leads | 50% reduction in CPL | 2.6x increase in conversion rate

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