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Experience, expertise and excellence at work

After all those deep-dives and discussions, all those late nights, all those reverts and revisions, somehow, magic happens.

Our work

Where energy flows, attention goes

Toray (Digital hub)

Inspiring future leaders to make the leap

Accenture India (Digital hub)

A day to decode digital

IAA Tech Pulse (Digital hub, social media, event)

A blueprint for a sustainable future

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (Digital hub)

Scrolly-telling through Tokyo

Tokyo, Tokyo (Digital Hub)

Creating hope beyond hospital walls

Carer for Cancer (Website & Social)

Empowering dreams, one loan at a time

Dharavi Bank (Film Series, MX Player)

A grave injustice, unsilenced

200 Halla Ho (Film, Zee 5)

Harmonizing hearts, one note at a time

Music Teacher (Film, Netflix)