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Japan Tourism (Tokyo)

Unveiling new sights with every scroll




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3 article page designs

Unveiling new sights with every scroll


They say you can’t visit the same Tokyo twice—a city where every corner holds surprises. Here, modernity and tradition stand shoulder to shoulder, while energy and calm coexist. How can a website hub encapsulate the essence of this city? How can it delve into its cultural hidden gems, its array of sights, sounds and aromas?


We worked together with The Economist Impact editorial team to embark on a content and design excursion. Armed only with three articles and a bank of images, we took the reader on a journey through cultural, architectural and natural highlights in and around Tokyo. Well-appointed highlights, lush collage-style imagery and snappy editorial style content scored the reader experience.


This fun reader experience inspired readers to visit the client website. Our creative team too was excited to make a trip to marvel at the Pearl of the Orient. Someday!

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