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Music Teacher (Film, Netflix)

Longing for a long-forgotten melody


OTT Film


Manav Kaul, Amrita Bagchi, Divya Dutta, Neena Gupta, Niharika Lyra Dutt, K.C. Shankar


Sarthak Dasgupta

Longing for a long-forgotten melody

Beni, a musician with unfulfilled dreams, ekes out a living teaching music in the hills. His ex-student, Bollywood star Jyotsna, returns after years. As she prepares to perform, Beni confronts past pain and present reality, navigating her presence in his town and life.

“Manav Kaul efficiently portrays Beni’s internal conflict of a man in love and denial. His relationship with all the women in his life is complex but he manages to play each one of them with ease. However, it’s the women who really excel in the acting department.”
– Ronak Kotecha, Times of India

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